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Worker shortage jeopardises Spain´s EU-funded recovery plan

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A political row has broken out over the move to appoint ex-Huffington Post editor Jess Brammar to the BBC with Labour calling for Theresa May's former communications chief to be sacked from the board for laser co2 machine 'trying to block her appointment on political grounds'. 

"Overall, we see Shandong independent refinery runs falling by around 490,000 bpd from pre-clampdown levels to average 1.75 million bpd in 3Q. Runs should make a recovery to 1.90 million bpd levels in 4Q."

Last year the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby (pictured), compared the CofE's attitude to ethnic minorities with that of Nazi-era German churches to Jews





Graduate police recruits are 'taken aback' by violence',... Let the hangovers begin! Three Lions fans wake up with some...

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The Government has previously advertised for ex-military personnel to retrain in policing roles, particularly armed-ones, and last year called on former servicemen and women to join the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC). 

"Rising crude prices, a 'backwardated' market structure and the government's overall strategy to cool the hype in the commodities market worked together in driving down last year's crude oil imports," said Mia Geng, analyst with consultancy FGE.

Ismael Lazaro, a 24-year-old Spaniard, took a welding course after losing his job as an Amazon delivery driver.

He is the only one among his friends trying to enter construction. "My mother told me there was a lot of demand for welders," he said.


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